Our culture

  • Safe-face environment: don’t be afraid to ask, don’t be afraid to learn, treat others with respect, don’t call others in public but help them improve
  • Zero ego: be humble, provide and receive honest feedback, have the flexibility to change, disagree and commit (the best idea always wins)
  • Transparency: overcommunicate at all times and encourage an open culture that empowers everyone, respond promptly to comments or RFCs to mantain a high-speed communication environment
  • Frugality: be thrifty and do more with less

What defines us

  • We love to learn
  • We believe that doing the right thing matters
  • We like to show gratitude
  • We would rather be sorry than ask for permission
  • We are passionate about what we do
  • We need more time for all our hobbies

How we work

  • We aim to be ten times better, not just better
  • Innovation comes from anywhere
  • We embrace disruptive ideas
  • We benchmark first
  • We focus on the user
  • A feature is not complete until the user is using it
  • We launch and iterate (done is better than perfect)
  • Bust bureaucracy and politics
  • We are obsessed with being better
  • We are impact oriented
  • We work for a meritocracy